The Crick monument: Discovery         


This wonderful monument by the sculptor Lucy Glendinning is dedicated to Sir Francis Crick who was born in Northampton.  Together with J.D. Watson he discovered the structure of the DNA molecule.  They were jointly awarded the Nobel prize for science in 1962.  Northampton Council commissioned this work in 2005.  Two tall curved steel plinths representing the double helix structure of DNA, topped by two life size figures.  Like most of Lucy’s figures, whom some call “angels” these soar through the air with great grace and abandon.  Standing below these gliding, swooping, graceful figures gives such a wonderful sense of freedom. The monument forms a gateway into the, otherwise particularly drab main shopping street of Northampton and brightens up even the darkest of days.


Location: Northampton Abington Street

26 January 2012